Audi drivers to park literally anywhere

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Audi drivers have accepted the challenge after one of their kind managed to park his TT halfway up a residential semi-detached house in Suffolk.

With parking in disabled spaces and on double yellow lines seemingly passé, Audi drivers are said to be seeking their next challenge.

Auto journalist Simon Williams explained, “Audi owners have a long-held a reputation for driving wherever and however they want, but this guy has really stepped it up a notch.”

“We might have predicted an Audi driver parking on someone else’s drive because it was slightly more convenient for them, but in their bedroom? That was a bit of out left field.”

“There was a time when the BMW driver was the alpha prick on British roads, but for the last few years the Audi drivers really have entered a league of their own.”

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“If BMW drivers don’t up their game we might be just a year or two from people letting them out at junctions.”

Audi TT in a house

Audi forums across the Internet have been left full of wild claims from their members on how they’re going to take the perception of their brand to the next level.

Audi S4 owner Mike Jameson wrote, “I’m no longer content with driving on someone’s arse, I want to be in their boot. I think I’ll give that a go on the M42 this morning.”

Another referring to himself a Spunky42 wrote, “I’m going to try to park my A5 inside a bus, yes, you heard me – ‘inside’.”

“And I won’t even have the correct change.”

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