Oscar Pistorius on verge of mistaking himself for a burglar, warns family friend

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The family of Paralympian murder-suspect Oscar Pistorius, fear their son may be on the brink of mistaking himself for a late-night burglar.

A friend of the family claims Pistorius is suffering from the stress of liquidating his assets to meet the mounting costs of the legal fees associated with his defence, which relatives suggest could now see him treat himself like an unwelcome house guest.

“Those closest to him have confided in me their fears that Oscar may be ready to take matters into his own hands,” he told reporters.

“The news that he may need to sit idly by whilst his beloved race horses are sold, really was the final straw, as it was for them.”

Pistorius on bail

The family friend went on, “Whilst he remains sensitive to the plight of his girlfriend’s family, he is far more sensitive to his own needs.”

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“If that means doing himself the kind of discourtesy he normally reserves for others, so be it.”

“He needs protecting. Heaven forbid he should mistake himself for a murderer.”