5 year-old racks up massive bill after putting iPad down to ‘turn up radiator’

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The parents of a five year-old boy have said they are requesting a full refund after their son racked up a massive utility bill by putting down his iPad long enough to turn up a few radiators.

Danny Williams, from Bath, was using the family iPad when he felt a bit cold and put it down to look for ways of getting warm.

The next month the Lounges noticed their utility bills running into the hundreds but assumed they had been sent in error.

Danny’s father Simon told us, “It seems Danny had gone round the house turning up the heating, we had no idea it was so easy for him to essentially burn money.”

“Call us naive, but I don’t think we could be expected to know a five year-old could spend hundreds of pounds on gas just by pressing a few buttons and twiddling a few knobs.”

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“You only have to look at how easy it is to see they’re clearly targeting children.”

5 year old’s massive bill

Danny’s mother Sheila told us that he’d promised he wouldn’t do it again.

“He knows in future that you need to put on another jumper. And a hat, and some gloves. And make a water bottle. Then huddle up with his sisters – all before we consider turning on the heating.”

“It’s like he thinks we’re bloody lottery winners.”