Guerrilla marketing firm hails ‘Try Horse Meat’ campaign as massive success

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The marketing agency retained by the horse meat industry to get people to try their product has claimed it deserves some sort of award after IKEA became to latest brand to fall foul of their stunt.

Simon Williams, Lead Imagineer at Guerilla marketing agency Energistisis spoke of his pride at a ‘job well done’.

“We were tasked with extending the social reach of horse meat without invoking traditional above and below the line marketing strategies.”

“And I think you now have to look at what we’ve achieved and pat us on the back.”

“At last count approximately 40% of the UK population has tried horse meat, way beyond the 1% market penetration requested by our client.”

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“By any metric you wish to look at, this marketing campaign has been a resounding success.”

Try Horse Meat campaign

Williams spoke briefly of the inspiration behind the campaign itself.

“We tried a few sampling events, but it didn’t work as it turns our that Brits don’t want to eat horse – that is until one of our interns missed the briefing and told people it was a new special beef product.  The public loved it.”

“It was the spark we needed, and we don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner – if you want the British public to buy something, lie through your teeth to them. Obvious, isn’t it?”

“Within hours we were delivering horses dressed up as cows to meat processing plants – it’s amazing how few checks people will undertake in return for a good price.”

“Of course, we had to leak the story ourselves in the end, or you’d still be unaware you were eating horse meat. And how could we take the credit if that was the case?”

“Will these people now start buying horse meat products? Well, that wasn’t part of the brief.”