Ryanair offers cheap flights to 2012 DA14 London Asteroid

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Ryanair is today offering flights to its new destination on the London Asteroid 2012 DA14, just a short 28,000km trip from the capital.

The budget airline’s new destination extends the firm’s ability to offer cheap flights to places that have the word ‘London’ in front of them.

Chief Executive Michael O’Leary explained, “Our new London destination has all the mod cons you’d expect of an interstellar facility, but breathable air is an optional extra – obviously.”

“For just £15 plus taxes we’ll fly you to the surface of London Asteroid 2012 DA14, where for the next 24 hours only you’ll be just a short 28,000km bus journey from your London hotel.”

“You won’t find cheaper fares to London, we assure you.”

2012 DA14 Asteroid

Regular travellers have expressed concern about flying to an Asteroid, but have commented that it gets you closer to your intended destination than anyone flying with Ryanair to ‘Barcelona’.

Budget traveller Simon Williams explained, “I’m all for saving a few quid with a cheap flight, but I generally like fly into the same continent as the hotel I’ve booked – though as a Ryanair customer I’ve sort of got used to this not being the case.”

“Anyway, I booked early so my 2012 DA14 flight only cost me a quid, so I’ve done alright. Right?”