It’s not me, Michael Le Vell is the actor who plays me, insists Kevin Webster

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Weatherfield mechanic Kevin Webster has furiously denied any involvement in wrongdoing after the actor who plays him in Coronation Street, Michael Le Vell, was charged with a string of sex offences.

Coronation Street fans have taken to Twitter in their droves to express their shock at the allegations, but Webster has urged them to keep his name out of it.

“This is affecting my business and the relationships that I have with my neighbours,” he said.

“I just want to make it clear that Michael Le Vell is the actor who plays me and what he does when he’s not being me is in no way connected with me.

“I’m Kevin Webster – A garage mechanic who likes an uncomplicated life and his tea on the table when he comes home from work.”

Coronation Street

Mr Webster revealed that it’s hard for characters to cope when the actors that play them break the law or have a wank on webcam.

“The problem is that soap fans can’t differentiate between the characters and the actors that play them,” he said

“It’s as if they think we are exactly the same person, like Steve McFadden and Phil Mitchell.”

Soap fans have spoken of their disbelief at the allegations and insisted that others must have been involved.

“Kevin and Sally have been together for so long that she must have been in on it too,” said 33 year-old Claire Northcote.

“I can’t wait to see him get arrested!

“Apparently they film scenes well in advance, so I’ll probably have to wait about three months to see it.”