Pistorius determined to be tried as an able-bodied murder suspect

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South African paralympian star Oscar Pistorius has spoken of his determination to be treated like an able bodied murder suspect after his arrest for allegedly shooting his girlfriend.

As a leading campaigner for equal rights for disabled athletes, Pistorius is insisting the legal systems treat him exactly as they would a murder suspect with two legs.

His spokesperson explained, “Oscar just wants to compete for his freedom in front of a jury like any other able-bodied defendent – is that really too much to ask?”

“He has spent his entire career asking for a level playing field, and this is no different.”

“He expects no special treatment, well, apart from the best lawyers money can buy and the goodwill associated with being a national icon. Nothing to do with the blades.”

Pistorius shooting

Legal experts are predicting that the case will represent a watershed moment for the rights of disabled athletes everywhere.

Lawyer Simon Williams explained, “Mr Pistorius has been a leading light in the campaign for equal rights for disabled athletes, so the eyes of the world will be on this case.”

“Should he be found guilty for murder in a standard South African court, much like an able-bodied person would be, then finally the world will know he has been treated as an equal.”