Human penises are technically disposable too, claim women

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After the Sea Slug impressed researchers with the ability to detach its penis, women everywhere said that with enough will power and the correct tools the human penis is equally disposable.

Japanese researchers said that the Sea Slug decides to detach its penis without an irate partner threatening them with a sharp implement.

However women have insisted the feat is hardly impressive when you consider the number of human penises that are efficiently detached around the world each year.

Woman who knows a penis when she sees one, Sheila Matthews, told us, “So it can detach its own penis. Big deal. I can detach a penis, it’s really straight forward – or so I hear.”

“Though I’m told re-attaching it can be a bit tricky.”

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Sea slug penis

Men have reacted with interest at the news, claiming that the opportunity to refresh their penis whenever they feel like it sounds like a pretty interesting proposition.

Penis owner Simon Williams told us, “A re-growing penis, that’s interesting? How many billions of dollars are then investing in this research?”

“It’s not enough, whatever amount it is.”

“Can they make the whole thing like pulling out an errant hair, so when they come back they come back thicker?”

“That would be nice.”