Peter Odemwingie ‘turned away from Vatican’

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West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie has been criticised after turning up at the Vatican unannounced for discussions about the Pope job.

It is understood that the footballer believed that a transfer to being head of the Catholic church had been agreed, only to be turned away at the gates by cardinals.

The Vatican later described the episode as ‘an unfortunate misunderstanding’.

Pope quits

The news emerged after the existing Pope, Benedict XVI, handed in a surprise transfer request.

Odemwingie’s agent later put out a statement, attempting to repair the damage done to the striker.

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“Peter Odemwingie genuinely believed that he was in the running to become Supreme Holy Father, Most Beloved Pontiff, successor of Saint Peter and Head of the Catholic Church Worldwide,” it read.

“But for now he is very happy at West Brom.”

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