France about ready to give English food another go

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The English diet finally contains enough Horse, France revealed today.

For centuries French people have mocked English cuisine, claiming it to be tired, tasteless and too focussed on the consumption of cows.

However recent developments in the British food market have led many French people to suggest they’d be willing to give an English meal another go.

French consumer Marcel Fontaine told us, “Horse lasagna sounds absolutely delicious – I can’t believe we’ve never done that here. Someone is clearly missing a trick.”

“To be honest, mincing up a few horses and putting them into ready meals is just about the only way you’d get me to eat an English meal.”

“I’m still not trying black pudding though.”

France welcomes English horse products

Supermarket giant Tesco has claimed the recent furore surrounding its meat products could be just the boost it needs to break into the French market.

Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke explained,  “Our initial research shows that french people will buy our burgers, but only if we put the word ‘English’ in front of it.”

“Yes, we’ll have a superstore on the Champs Elysees by the weekend.”

Hung like a Tesco meat product – T-Shirt