Friday 1 February 2013 by Formelia Alberthine

Beckham to help new PSG team-mates by taking English lessons

David Beckham has been urged to aid communication with his new Paris Saint-Germain team-mate’s by taking a crash course in the English language, according to a club insider.

The former England captain, who has agreed to donate his weekly salary of £150,000 to a local children’s charity, is likely to spend the duration of his 5-month stay mastering the particulars of his mother tongue in preparation for his expected move back to London.

A spokesman for the Ligue 1 outfit confirmed the request for Beckham to elevate his understanding of English from Glaswegian diatribe, to French innuendo.

“It is very important that whoever signs for PSG has a comprehensive ability to speak their own language without the need for a translator to communicate with his English to French translator,” he stated.

“We know Beckham can just about express himself on a football pitch, but we need him to be able to express himself off it, if we are to reap the full benefit of an ailing sportsman.”

“Speaking fluent English is key to this ambition.”

Beckham moves to Paris

A source close to the star said he was looking forward to the challenge of coming to grips with a language that passed him by as readily as one of his footballing opponents.

They told us, “He is delighted at the prospect of making his mark.”

“He’s already captained England, and he hasn’t ruled out doing the same for the English.”

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