Footballer takes woman for dinner and then drives her home safely

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An unnamed footballer has shocked everyone by taking a woman out for dinner, driving her home safely before returning to his own home and going to bed.

It is believed that at no point did the footballer follow the woman into the toilets of a night club or take her to a Premier Inn after plying her with alcohol.

The woman, who cannot be identified because we’ve forgotten her name, revealed that she had soup for starters, Beef Wellington for her main and chocolate mousse for dessert.

“It was really nice,” she told us.

“He seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say and he made me feel really special.”

Footballer shocker

She went on to tell us that she woke up in the morning feeling excited about the prospect of seeing him again rather than alone and confused in a travelodge with no recollection of how she got there.

“I’ve had butterflies in my stomach ever since he dropped me off,” she said.

“I’d definitely consider meeting up with him again if he asked me.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that it all sounded really lovely.

“The early stages of a new romance are always an exciting time.

“I really hope it works out for them both.”