Cameron under pressure after Cameron joins rebellion against Cameron’s reluctance to hold EU referendum

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Prime Minister David Cameron is under intense pressure after David Cameron joined the growing number of MPs rebelling against David Cameron’s reluctance to hold an EU referendum.

News that the Prime Minister has joined the ranks of Conservative MPs who are rebelling against the Prime Minister will come as a blow to the Prime Minister as he attempts to assert his authority over himself.

In a move which will be sure to anger him, Mr Cameron broke ranks with Mr Cameron and gave a speech in which he insisted the British people must “have their say” on Europe.

“I would urge myself not to undermine myself,” he urged himself.

“Allowing myself to get bogged down by myself will have a damaging affect on me.”

Cameron under pressure

Mr Cameron has warned himself that if he is split on Europe then he will erode his authority over himself.

“I’ve got to get a grip and support myself,” he pleaded with himself.

“The electorate will not vote for a Prime Minister who is divided on this issue.”

However, Mr Cameron was defiant in the face of criticism from himself, and insisted that he was acting in the interests of the nation.

“May I remind myself that I will not be bullied by myself when it comes to matters of national interest,” he told himself.

“I would be foolish to ignore myself on this and a number of other issues that I disagree with myself on.

“I need to pull myself together.”