British men ‘exaggerating’ depth of snow to at least 8 inches

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The depth of the snow you’re looking at is definitely at least 8 inches, according to British men everywhere.

With around 3-4 inches of snow having been forecast, many women have been left confused by the insistence of their male partners that the weather forecasters have definitely got it wrong.

Common phrases being heard in homes around the nation include, “I know they said it was only going to be four inches but when have you ever known them to get the weather right? That’s a good nine inches at least out there.”

And, “No, you don’t need to go out there with a ruler, it’s freezing. Just trust me, I know what 8 inches looks like.

“I told the missus that it looked like there was about a foot of snow on the drive but she got a bit sceptical when a cat walked by in it and it only just covered its paw,” explained Tom Campbell of Daventry, just one of many men who has had awkward conversations with his partner on the subject this morning.

“I told her that it was probably just a very big cat, maybe a lion, and that she definitely shouldn’t go outside to see for herself.

“Not with a foot of snow and a lion on the loose, it just wasn’t safe.

“I think I got away with it, but if I’d known I was going to have this much hassle staying at home I wouldn’t have rung the office and pretended to be snowed in.”