Friday 18 January 2013 by Waylandsmithy

LIVE! – Perfectly normal weather for the time of year

Stare at the NewsThump liveblog, as we keep you up to date with all the latest seasonal weather that’s landing in your face.

0743: Brrr! It’s cold! If you’re cold, send us a tweet with #ofcourseitisitsjanuary

0755: Just had a coffee. Feeling a bit warmer now. And I’ve put some clothes on.

JM Howard tweets: Just been told by my mum not to go out in my pants. Thanks mum! #imsuchafuckingmoron

0803: Thanks for all your pictures of the snow, I’ve never seen snow before. Keep them coming!

0815: We’re just getting reports that a gritter has been spotted in Hampstead. Crowds are gathering round and cheering, some are laying in front of it and making snow angels. Idiots.

KEY POINTS: It’s snowing.

0823: Does my nose look a bit red? It feels a bit red.

0834: Children in Leicester have made a massive snow cock. Brilliant.

Steve in Essex emails: Snow coming down from the sky, somehow. Weird. Does anyone know if it’s valuable?

0841: Just had a dump, it’s bitterly cold in the toilets. Brrr. But here I am, still soldiering on. Worth bearing in mind, come my year-end appraisal.

LG Hogshead tweets: 12 foot of snow here in Finchley #hopemybossreadsthis

0857: The prime minister is due to make a statement in the snow, and has called an emergency cobra meeting to find him a carrot and a scarf. An insider in Downing Street tells me the PM ‘is unlikely’ to sign it with his own piss.

Debbie in Gawstone emails: Lots of snow here! It’s coming down, landing, and slowly building up.

Jesus, Debbie. We get it. It’s fucking snowing. What do you want? A fucking medal?

0913: Jeremy in Newcastle is finding it difficult to walk, because he’s got both of his feet stuck in the same welliebob. Come on Jeremy, soldier on. It’ll soon be spring, assuming you don’t kill yourself with stupidity before then.

Girlygirl965 tweets: Its snowing!!!! Amazing!!! Heres hoping for a white Christmas!!

0917: My mum thinks I’m blogging the test match. God, when did my life go so wrong? What do I have to do round here to get noticed?

0923: There’s a stapler on my desk, a coffee cup and three pens. It’s still snowing outside.

0924: Fuck this. I’m going home. If it’s snowing where you are, keep it to your fucking self.

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