Thursday 17 January 2013

Blockbuster customers finally forced to investigate ‘that there Internet’

The last remaining Blockbuster customers have admitted that the firm’s demise could finally lead to them trying out one of these ‘computer’ things.

With the video rental company entering administration, watching a film at home will become even more difficult for those who think the World Wide Web is the villain in the latest Spiderman franchise.

The move in administration is also a blow to the Amish community, who were said to be on verge of adopting the antiquated home entertainment method of visiting a store to hire physical media to watch on a specialist machine at home.

Blockbuster customer Simon Williams told us, “I’ll give the Internet a go I suppose, but I don’t see why everyone keeps banging on about it?”

“Blockbuster had hundreds of videos, some dating back to the 1980s – how could the Internet possibly compete with that?”

Blockbuster administration

However computer owners everywhere have expressed surprise that Blockbuster was ‘still a thing’.

Mike Matthews, a computer analyst from Slough told us, “I looked at their website a few years ago, but I kept being prompted to ‘find my local store’ – I think they’d been hacked as I wanted to watch a film, not buy a wardrobe.”

“Though to be fair, I think I’ve still got a VHS copy of Cocktail of theirs in the loft at home – if I paid my late fees on that I could probably bail them out completely, right?”

“Ha, ‘late fees’ – isn’t that a funny idea?”

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