Tuesday 15 January 2013

HMV visits administrator offices, appoints cheaper online version

HMV spent yesterday visiting administrators in their expensive offices, before realising a much better deal could be had online.

The struggling retailer said its search for an administrator has come to an end after finding it could get one much cheaper on the Internet.

A HMV spokesperson said, “It’s an unfortunate time for everyone associated with the brand, but rest assured that by using the web we have secured a much better deal than using a bricks and mortar administrator.”

“Had we have gone the traditional route we’d  just be paying for their swanky office in a nice, central location. But we’re no mugs. The Internet really is a wonderful place to conduct business.”

“We’ve bought exactly the same administration process as well. I don’t see how these High St administrators expect to stay open.”

“Have they thought about selling headphones?”

HMV go into administration

High Street administrators have said that although the news is disappointing, they believe consumers still see the value of securing their administrator in a building where they sell ‘complimentary’ items.

As one explained, “We’ve got boxes for packing up your personal items, stickers exclaiming 50% off, and even those big posters that say ‘Closing Down Sale’ for the windows.”

“We’re not just about administration, we’re a one-stop shop for all your failed business needs. You simply don’t get that online.”

“The Internet is a fad, of that much we’re absolutely sure.”

“So our customers will come back, won’t they?”

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