BA guilty of discriminating against woman who’ll believe any old shit

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British Airways has been found guilty of discriminating against an employee simply because she was so feeble-minded that she believed everything she read in a two thousand year-old book.

The European Court of Human Rights said it was duty bound to protect the interests of people who lack the basic intellect to spot bullshit when they see it.

“British Airways took advantage of Nadia Eweidai by not playing along with her little harmless game of make-believe.”

“They should have noted she was very religious and then treated her with the generosity of spirit you would use with a toddler coming in from the garden to present a ‘pretty stone’ that is actually an old dog turd.”

“Just because she’s very clearly deluded in a potential dangerous way, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get her way.”

“You have to remember that the religious don’t know any better, they don’t have the mental capacity to realise how ridiculous their actions are, and British Airways should have given in.”

BA religious discrimination

Corporate lawyer Simon Williams explained that the ruling set a very dangerous precedent for his client, and across the industrialised west as a whole.

He told us, “The European courts don’t seem to understand, if we have to start giving full rights to stupid people we’re in real danger as a society.”

“This will lead to a theocracy, and we could be stoning senior executives in the streets within the decade.”

“Only not for the right reasons.”