Obesity campaigners call for consumers to try throwing away three-quarters of all food

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As reports showed that half all food produced in the world is thrown away, anti-obesity experts have said that maybe we should try upping that to 75%.

“Too much food still makes its way into people’s mouths,” said anti-obesity campaigner Simon Williams.

“Putting half of all food in the bin is a start, but we can do better. We want to bulge on your bin bags, not your hips.”

“Our research says that people are still far too keen on consuming the produce designed for them, rather than paying for it and then putting it into the bin when it goes past the sell-by date.”

“Something needs to be done. Maybe a campaign to highlight how good food looks at the bottom of a refuse pile?”

Food wasted

Williams went on to criticise ‘highly efficient Euro bureaucrats’ who have created an environment in which so much food makes it way into the planet’s stomachs.

“Two billion tonnes of food is successfully consumed every year – so thank you very much for that Europe,” continued Williams.

“Just think how lean we could all be if we could get that down to just one billion tonnes of food?”

“Fat people need to start throwing away more – and they need to start now.”