Thursday 10 January 2013

Nick Clegg tweet ends ‘Onesie’ fad in seconds

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has brought an abrupt end to the popular fad for adult Onesies by tweeting the fact that he owns one.

When asked, Clegg told an interviewer on LBC Radio that he’d had a onesie for a while, forcing fellow onesie owners to take a good long hard look in the mirror.

“If Nick Clegg has one they must be for losers,” claimed Simon Williams, a now reluctant onesie wearer.

“I thought they were kind of funny to begin with, and actually quite comfortable, in a ‘god I hope none of my mates see me in this’ kinda way.”

“But if Nick Clegg believes in them then they must be part of a Tory plot to eliminate the working classes. Or something.”

Nick Clegg’s onesie

Others have welcomed the end of the onesie, and thanked Clegg to falling on his sword so spectacularly in an attempt to rid society of the scourge of adults dressed like the mentally challenged.

Lib dem spokesperson Simon Williams told reporters, “It would have been easy for Nick to say nothing, but we in the Liberal Democrats are all about making the difficult decisions for the good of the country as a whole.”

“You might have noticed us saying that recently?”

“Putting Nick’s face front and centre in the great onesie debate might hurt us in the short-term, but the nation will be better for it in the long-term.”

“Please remember that on election day. Please?”

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