Monday 7 January 2013

Stephen Hawking still pretty sure he’s starring in ‘physics documentary’

Professor Stephen Hawking’s entire academic career has been cast under cloud after he revealed he thought the latest Go Compare advert was a physics documentary.

Hawking has been subject to criticism for taking part in the advert, but insisted he thought he was bringing quantum theory to the masses through the medium of annoying opera singers.

A source close to Hawking said he’d been lured by promises that the production company would turn him into the new television’s Professor Brian Cox.

They told us, “He was assured he’d get centre stage and the opportunity to bring the theory of relativity to life for an entirely new audience – not  lining the pockets of financial services companies.”

“So no, we’ve not let Stephen watch it – he’ll only get upset.”

“He spent weeks devising new ways to explain the formulas behind super-massive black holes, only to see them ditched for some amateur special effects and a cheesy song.  He’ll be mortified.”

Go Compare advert

However some academics have insisted the latest advert has opened the eyes of a new generation to the wonders of the cosmos, and its ability to completely destroy very annoying things.

Television owner Simon Williams told us, “I really like that new 20 second Stephen Hawking documentary they keep showing during the adverts.”

“And hypothetically speaking, if I wanted to conjure up a black hole over 10 Downing Street, how would I go about it?”

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