‘Why does Argentina think Cameron reads the Guardian?’ asks everyone

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The economic crisis in Argentina has taken a turn for the worse, after their entire military budget was wasted on an advert in a national newspaper.

But instead of placing the ad in the Telegraph, Times or the Beano, the campaign was accidentally printed in the Guardian.

“Argentina really fancies having some wind-swept, oil-drenched islands in the middle of the Atlantic”, complained president Cristina de Kirchner.

“So we thought we’d spend a modest amount on an ad in the ‘wanted’ section of the classifieds.”

Unfortunately, my diplomats were no match for their 17 year-old salesman, who promised David Cameron ‘would definitely see it’, and ‘be on the blower, quick as winking.”

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Guardian advert

Kirchner conceded that no Tory is likely to read the advert, despite being ‘upsold’ to a full-blown, full-page advert.

“This has gone down like a cheap US Navy surplus Destroyer”, admitted the president.

“We should really have paid for a leaflet in Horse and Hounds.”

Charles Saatchi has offered to advise on any future advertising-based landgrabs, claiming the media world has ‘moved on’.

“If you really want to target that crucial ABC-1 market of Imperial outpost-owning politicians, you need to get with the digital age”, explained Saatchi.

Kirchner was last seen running through the streets of Buenos Aires, holding a ‘give us the Malvinas’ placard above her head.

“That wasn’t what I had in mind either”, sighed Saatchi.

“I said the chillaxing PM might be much more likely to read the ‘banners above Angry Birds’.”