Jim Davidson arrest nominated for comedy award

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Celebrity misogynistic racist homophobe Jim Davidson has brightened up Operation Yewtree by being arrested.

The former host of long-running BBC One shows Generation Game and Big Break has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences as he takes a step closer to completing the bingo card of antipathy.

The nation has been left shocked and saddened as Operation Yewtree, which was set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, uncovered sexual abuse carried out over decades, but news of Davidson’s arrest appears to have lifted everyone’s spirits.

“This is the first time that Jim Davidson has managed to make me laugh,” revealed 47 year-old Dominic Hudson from Salisbury.

Amongst other plaudits was 33 year-old Heather Jepson from Kettering, who told us: “Getting arrested is without doubt the funniest thing that Jim Davidson has ever done.”

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“I haven’t laughed this much since Bernard Manning died,” she enthused.

Jim Davidson arrested

Critics, who have previously panned Davidson’s performances, have also been full of praise for his arrest.

“If you only see one contemptible arsehole get arrested this year then make it this one!” gushed one critic.

“The only way that he can possibly follow this up successfully is if he gets convicted,” revealed another.

“That would surely become the fastest selling comedy DVD of all time.”