Criticism of my criticism of referees should attract more criticism, says Fergie

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Critics of Sir Alex Ferguson’s criticism of referees for decisions which go against Manchester United, should be criticised far more than they have been, according to Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Manchester United manager was responding to suggestions made by Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew that the Glaswegian should be punished by the FA for an on-pitch remonstration with referee Mike Dean following his decision to allow Jonny Evans own-goal to stand.

Ferguson told reporters, “I haven’t remained manager of Manchester United for over 25 years without knowing a thing or two about extracting every little advantage for my team.”

“Any player, manager or official who sees fit to air their distaste at the airing of my distaste to those in influential positions is liable to see me air my distaste quite forcefully.”

“All these managerial fantasists, like Pardew, who expect a level playing field when coming up against United are living in cloud cuckoo-land.”

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“It’s disgusting.”

Ferguson defends outburst

He went on, “I have a responsibility to be behave irresponsibly when it is to be regarded as beneficial to my club.”

“I mean, bringing the game into disrepute? Any game I’m involved in is disreputable at kick-off.”

Pardew issued a statement saying he was surprised at the level of vitriol towards him from a man he had previously classed as a friend.

“I would have to agree with Sir Alex, I am a fantasist.”

“Scoring a legitimate goal at Old Trafford and expecting it to stand is pure Roy of the Rovers stuff.”