NRA protests screenings of ‘The Impossible’ for not showing how to subdue tsunamis with guns

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Gun owners have reacted angrily to a film about the 2004 Tsunami, which fails to show guns being used to solve the problem.

‘The Impossible’ tells the story of a catastrophic event that killed thousands of foreign people, through the eyes of a middle-class white American family.

“Cinema goers have come to expect firearms-based solutions to difficult situations”, explained Brad Trepeski of the National Rifle Association.

“But this sick film doesn’t feature so much as a hunting knife.”

Trepeski has urged members to boycott the film, and instead spend their time practicing firing at waterfalls.

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“We have the right to defend ourselves against whatever God throws at us”, insisted Trepeski, “be it a natural disaster, or our own stupidity.”

NRA protest

While the sudden influx of millions of gallons of seawater might appear to be something you should flee from, Trepeski slammed such a cowardly approach.

“In these situations, you should stand firm, take aim and pump that mother full of lead”, he insisted.

“As my old man used to say, ‘Better to die a hero, than set up a complex early warning system to detect similar disasters in future’.”

Critics claim that high-powered weapons would have done little to stop the tsunami, and if anything would have ‘made matters worse’.

“These nutters are no more likely to persuade a physical wall of water to turn back, than they are to resist the rising tide of public anti-gun feeling”, explained Gill Hampton, a gun control lobbyist.

“Although they have been buying an awful lot of weapons just lately. Has anyone got a Kevlar life-jacket I can borrow?”