Mayans remove beards, point out hidden cameras

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Mayan TV producers are celebrating today, after top hidden camera show, Trigger Nakbe TV, convinced thousands that the world was about to end.

“We conceived this prank about a thousand years ago”, explained Stephen T’Chlu, as he peeled a fake moustache from his lip.

“Ending the series with a stunt apocalypse was ambitious, but it was worth it. Honestly, you should have seen your faces.”

T’Chlu’s plan relied on architects unearthing false documents, about 700 years after the prank was conceived.

“We just chiselled everything off our calendar after Christmas 2012”, explained T’Chlu.

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“Dave Xichti knocked up a couple of false etchings of meteorites destroying every living thing on the planet, and we all sloped off into the jungle for 900 years, and left the cameras rolling.”

Mayan pranksters

T’Chlu thought he may have pushed people’s credulity too far, after he engineered the collapse of electrical retailers Comet as a ‘portent of doom’.

“We were wetting ourselves at that bit, but you seemed to accept it”, said T’Chlu.

“If anything, it just made you rely more on what comes out of Amazon.”

Most people have taken the prank in good faith, although some claim they were simply going along with it, in an ironic way.

Speaking from a kitchen packed with tinned food and candles, Tina Shambles denied that she’d really been duped.

“What, these emergency supplies? They’re nothing to do with it”, she insisted.

“I got these, in case it rains for 40 days and 40 nights.”