MPs attack BBC for behaving like MPs

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MPs have criticised the BBC for a ‘cavalier’ use of public money on a scale comparable with MPs.

The Public Accounts Committee said that spending £450,000 on a severance package for BBC Director General George Entwistle was probably even worse than spending it on a moat for your duck pond.

Chairwoman Margaret Hodge explained, “Nobody knows about wasting public money like MPs, and let me assure you we are united in our agreement that this is a spectacular example of wasted public funds.”

“It’s nearly as bad as claiming for a mortgage that didn’t exist – but we know George Entwistle exists, we all heard him fumbling on the radio.”

“Of course, we are finding it a little difficult to criticise the BBC whilst also deflecting the numerous accusations of ‘mass hypocrisy’ – but we’ll find a way.”

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BBC payoff ‘cavalier’

The BBC Trust has responded by claiming that being accused of wasteful spending by MPs is like being accused of inappropriate behaviour by Jimmy Savile.

A BBC Trust spokesperson explained, “There are many people in this world we will happily take spending criticism from – but British MPs aren’t any of them.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a long list of BBC executives who want to be the next to be sacked.”