Have you ever tried ‘politician’, planet asks Golden Eagle community

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After watching a Golden Eagle trying and snatch a toddler, everyone has asked the Golden Eagle community if they’ve considered trying the tender flesh of the ‘lesser-welcomed politician’.

A viral video showing the Eagle’s preferred choice of human has been met with suggestions on how we could wean them onto more substantial human meals.

YouTube user Simon Williams told us, “I’ve seen that video, and it’s horrific – but can you imagine if it had happened in parliament square and it made off with George Osborne as he tried to justify his latest round of austerity measures?”

“If we all stood at the Houses of Parliament throwing bird seed at the MPs at they left the building, would that work?”

“We could maybe add a few worms? It might look like a dirty protest of some kind, but really it would just be ‘seasoning’.”

“Or maybe Jamie Oliver could write a book on the best way to claw an MP limb from limb before using its entrails to feed your young?”

Golden Eagle video

Williams has begun his campaign by photoshopping David Cameron’s head onto a succulent looking squirrel body and emailing it to every region that currently supports Golden Eagles.

“I’m hoping people will print them out, put them on trees and stuff and we can slowly convert the Eagles.”

The Eagle community has responded to the requests with a polite ‘no’, insisting that when it comes to eating disgusting animals it draws the line just after rats.