Instagram seeking morons to buy sepia-toned photo of your sandwich

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Instagram would like to know if you’re interested in buying some strangely coloured photographs of people’s lunches, according to reports today.

The photo service owned by Facebook has told users that it now owns all of those photos you took which showed why you never became an artist – and thinks there is a business model in there somewhere.

Instagram spokesperson Simon Williams explained, “There is definitely a market in poorly framed photographs of food and tedious every day items, as long as you adjust the colour balance to make it look like you’ve left it in the sun for a couple of years.”

“It’s just that we don’t know how to find that market.  I don’t suppose you want to buy some, do you?”

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Instagram users have been left outraged by the move after failing to realise that any Internet service you’re using for free automatically makes you the ‘product’ being sold.

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User Jayne Matthews told us, “I’m outraged. These photos of cheese sandwiches are mine and mine alone. I don’t want some global magazine company buying them and putting them on the front of Vogue or something.”

“I might just go back to making 35mm slides of these sandwich photos which no-one will ever see – my friends said they’d quite like that, too.”