Working class to begin Ritz boycott

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As the Ritz was revealed to have paid no corporation tax for fifteen years, working class people across the country have said they won’t be using the hotel in future.

The news has left many basic tax rate payers angry that another corporate giant is avoiding paying its fair share of tax in a time of austerity, and they have reacted in the only way they know how.

Basic tax rate payer Simon Williams told us, “We’ve seen how powerful the Starbucks boycott was, and we expect this to have the same effect.”

“I imagine that any day now the Ritz will be announcing that they’re voluntarily paying some corporation tax over the next two years.”

“I bet bookings are down already.”

“The fact that the Barclays brothers are currently seeking a billion quid from the government in compound interest due to overpaid VAT dating back to the seventies is entirely beside the point.”

Ritz taxation

£6.19 an hour shop worker Dave Smith explained, “Let me tell you now, after reading about their tax affairs I will never spend £420 on a one-night stay inclusive of breakfast at the Ritz.”

“And if that doesn’t teach them the error of their ways, then nothing will.”

However, regular Ritz user Harvey Williams-Hunt asked us, “Interesting, I don’t suppose you have the number of their accountant?”