NASA photo of Earth’s most inhospitable place actually of Slough town centre

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A NASA photo of one of the most inhospitable places on earth was not Mount Everest, but Slough town centre, according to officials this morning.

NASA originally labelled the photo “Everest from Space” before eagle-eyed Internet users spotted an Iceland, KFC and a complete lack of intelligent life.

“We apologise for this error in captioning our photo, but we remain behind our assertion that it’s a photograph from space of a place on our planet not designed for human habitation.”

“Sure, oxygen levels might be OK – when the water treatment works aren’t in full swing – and the temperature might be considered acceptable by some, but it’s truly one of the most desolate places on Earth.”

“There’s a reason David Attenborough hasn’t made a documentary called ‘Slough’ – no-one would want to live there for a year to film it.”

NASA photograph

NASA officials claimed that although the photo was taken by mistake, there is plenty they can learn from the harsh surroundings of Royal Berkshire’s least welcoming lands.

“We hope to one day explore distant planets, untouched by civilisation, perhaps with inhabitants that don’t understand us and want to do us harm – what better way to prepare than a field trip to Slough?”

“What started as a mistake might one day be essential in our journey to the stars.”