Kraftwerk’s ‘Karaoke and Fanta Tour’ set to anger purists

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German electro pioneers Kraftwerk are to risk alienating a section of their fan-base by performing Karaoke versions of assorted eighties hits while consuming large quantities of the fizzy orange drink Fanta.

The band will ditch perennial classics such as Tour de France and Computer Love in favour of off-kilter synth-based versions of We Built This City on Rock and Roll and Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

And spectators should prepare themselves for a stripped-down set after the group replaced a lot of their sequencers with ‘Carl’, the drummer from Half Man Half Biscuit.

In spite of this ticket sales crashed the Tate Modern’s website after hardcore fans failed to read the small print.

Kraftwerk at the Tate

Kraftwerk’s new record label Coca Cola Discs are said to be driving the more commercial direction, but co-founder Florian Schneider was quick to deny this.

“With our glacial on-stage personas and our over-reliance on technology a certain section of the music press have sometimes labelled us as fascists. Or worse – robots.”

“Often our music has been about layered synthetic textures that hint at something more sinister. We just want to show that we are really party guys at heart. Kraftwerk is all about fun. Fun and Fanta . Crazy yes?”

“We are expecting a lot of hen nights.”

Kraftwerk devotee and self-styled audionaut Jeremy Stevens said, “I was hoping for a ‘chronological exploration of the group’s sonic and visual experiments’ and ‘spectacular 3D effects’, not a Whitney tribute-night and a side order of air guitar.”

But Schneider retorted, “We built this city, we built this city on roooock and roll. Buiiiilt this city .. we built this city on rock and roo oh-oh-ooole.”