Monday 10 December 2012

We’d be devastated if our children admitted they were a Tory MP, parents tell David Davies

Parents across the country have told Monmouth MP David Davies that they would find it hard to hide their disappointment if their children came out as Tory MPs.

Davies had claimed most parents would prefer their children to be straight, but actual parents explained there are far worse things their children could turn out to be.

Parent of three Simon Williams explained, “I’m not being Toryphobic by saying this, it’s just that as a parent you don’t want your child to be thought of as a heartless prick by the entire nation.”

“I’m sure you’d still love them and everything, but you wouldn’t choose a Conservative member of parliament as the life for your offspring, given the choice.”

David Davies on parents

One closeted Conservative MP spoke to us under the promise we wouldn’t use his real name.

He told us, “I’ve been a Tory MP for nearly ten years now, but my parents still think I work in admin at the tax office.”

“There’s still far too much stigma attached to who I really am to put them through all that.”

“They’re a bit older and from a bygone era when being a Tory MP was not only frowned upon, but was met with open hostility and riots on the street and stuff.”

“I only hope that one day being a Tory MP will be like any other job, but right now I just don’t think society is ready for that.”

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