Monday 10 December 2012 by Gary Stanton

Radio One admits Chris Moyles ‘character’ was cruel hoax

Radio One has apologised profusely to its listener this morning after admitting their ‘outrageous’ Chris Moyles character was nothing more than a cruel joke.

The station rang Simon Williams,23, of Nuneaton shortly after breakfast and admitted that the ‘DJ’ he had been listening to for the last eight years was actually ‘Derek Thompson’, a painter and decorator from Stevenage.

Moyles was invented by the then Radio One Controller Andy Parfitt in a bid to fill dead airtime after Chris Evans was unable to prise himself away from Billie Piper’s nether regions for long enough to allow him to present The Breakfast Show.

“When we thought about the Moyles character it was only supposed to last for a couple of hours before we killed him off and replaced him with Mary Anne Hobbs. As innocent as that,” Parfitt told us.

“We thought it was such a silly idea, the character was an utter fucking buffoon and the show was complete toss. And don’t let’s get started on the music. We didn’t expect anyone to take it seriously.”

Moyles Radio Hoax

Parfitt went on, “Shortly after his debut we began receiving angry letters from Mr Williams and we realised it was a brilliant wind-up.”

“Then we came up with the idea of ‘Comedy Dave’, which was basically Jo Whiley using a voice synthesiser.”

“We’re deeply deeply sorry. Not a minute goes by where we don’t think about the effect this has had on Simon and his family or anyone else who accidentally tuned in. If I could turn the clock back, I would.”

Radio One has since admitted faking several other DJs including Noel Edmonds, Simon Bates and Tim Westwood.

“For example, who would have guessed Tony Blackburn was a tone-deaf PE teacher from Reading?” added Parfitt.

“Oh OK – fair enough.”

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