Video of Jay-Z goes viral after he doesn’t act like an asshole

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Music mogul Jay Z has seen a YouTube clip of him go viral, simply by managing to act like a human being on the New York subway.

The video shows Jay Z engaging in polite conversation with another commuter in the same manner that happens millions of times a day in all corners of the world.

Fellow commuter Simon Williams explained, “He’s a quite famous American, so my expectations for his behaviour are extremely low. If he doesn’t shoot someone I’m pleasantly surprised.”

“The fact that he engaged in polite conversation with another human being in a public setting is definitely worthy of me sharing this on Facebook, Twitter and all my email contacts.”

Jay Z video

With over a million views already, YouTube users are hailing the clip as the most stunning thing they’ve ever seen online.

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As commenter SKNiple87 wrote, “Look, here’s a video clip of a young black man and an old white lady, and he DOESN’T steal her purse – isn’t it just amazing!”

Another wrote, “I don’t get it – it’s like someone has swapped a polite normal person for a famous pop star. Is that the joke?”

However regular commuter John Mason concluded, “I make conversation on the tube every day, yet people repeatedly call me a fucking weirdo. Maybe I need to marry Beyonce first?”