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Pope’s Twitter account accurately reflects Catholicism by having lots of followers and saying nothing

Pope on Twitter

After the Pope set up a Twitter account to connect with the world, he immediately set to work on providing a true reflection of Catholicism by attracting lots of followers and saying nothing whatsoever.

At the last count Pope Benedict XVI’s account had over 360,000 followers, but had made a total of 0 tweets.

Twitter users have tweeted enthusiatically about the new account.

“I tweeted the Pope to ask him whether he thought the Catholic Church’s attitude towards condoms had played a significant role In the spread of AIDS,” revealed @CoalitionFacts.

“It was brilliantly realistic because I didn’t get any kind of answer whatsoever.”

Pope on Twitter

Amongst other users to praise the Pope’s willingness to not connect with people was @TossPirate

“I was keen to find out what the Pope thought about the Catholic Church knowingly concealing the child abuse carried out by some of its priests,”

“I was thrilled when I received no response at all.”

“It’s great that he’s prepared to go online and ignore the questions that he ignores in public.”

The Vatican said that the Pope will be officially ignoring questions in eight different languages from December 12th.

“The Pope is familiarising himself with the technology that will allow him to provide guidance to everyone based on the teachings of the Bible,” said a spokespriest.

“As you can see from his timeline, he’s got the hang of it already.”

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