Tuesday 4 December 2012

As long as I’m in the top 10 there’s still a chance, confirms Prince Edward

The news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has been welcomed through gritted teeth by Prince Edward who has insisted it’s still within the realms of possibility for him to become King.

The Earl of Wessex currently lies seventh in line to the throne, but could be demoted to ninth should the Duchess of Cambridge be carrying twins, as some have suggested.

Edward told one source, “I’m not saying it’s not a long shot – but tragic things happen to people every single day.”

“Who’s to say half a dozen such tragedies wouldn’t beset my family over the next twenty years or so. It’s not like we don’t have a precedent for this sort of thing.”

“8th would be better than 9th, certainly, but it’s still entirely possible to get myself on the throne.”

“Look at Arsenal, they’re currently 10th but Arsene Wenger still reckons the title could still be theirs come May – that’s just 6 months away.  I’ve got decades to play with.”

Kate Middleton pregnant

Others have welcomed the news by asking if this means another day off work.

Simon Williams told us, “Brilliant, I’m so happy for them, etc, and June is such a good time of year for a long weekend.  Friday 7th June works best for me. Thanks.”

A source close to Prince Philip said the Queen and her husband are delighted by the news, with Philip adding, “Good. She is well on the way to serving her purpose.”

“After which, well, we’ll see.”

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