Rafa Benitez endears himself to Chelsea fans by calling Anton Ferdinand a f*cking black c*nt

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Rafa Benitez has taken his first step towards winning over the Chelsea fan base by referring to QPR defender Anton Ferdinand as a ‘f*cking black c*nt’.

The first part of his tenure has been beset by abuse from the terraces, but this latest move on Chelsea TV has seen a warming towards him by the loyal Blues fans.

Many fans keen to boo him during his first games are already privately admitting that maybe Benitez “has something about him after all”.

Season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “I was skeptical about Rafa, but maybe he really is one of us?”

“I dunno, there’s something about a good old racist slur really gets the Chelsea blood pumping.”

Chelsea fans warm to Benitez

The early improvement in his post-slur approval rating has seen Benitez trying to have an affair with the ex partners of his players.

“The last team meeting was a bit weird to be honest,” admitted Frank Lampard Jnr.

“He wanted to know know about our feelings on moving to a 4-5-1 formation, our experience of zonal marking, and whether any of us had any exes near Cobham.”

“Ashley put his hand up and now for some reason Rafa can’t stop texting Cheryl Cole.”