Public happy to wait until Leveson report is released on DVD

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Following the much-anticipated release of the Leveson report and the surrounding media frenzy, the public have revealed that they’ll probably just wait until the DVD comes out.

With the report running to nearly 2,000 pages, the public have insisted that they are content to wait for a heavily edited version that might have a different ending.

“It’ll take ages to read the report,” said 26 year-old David Hedgeson.

“I’ll probably take a look at the DVD when it comes out, but only if it’s not longer than two hours.”

“I get a bit fidgety after that.”

“I can’t even watch Harry Potter without wearing compression socks.”

Leveson report

With a cast that includes Hugh Grant and Sienna Miller, there have been concerns amongst the public that the outcome of the Leveson report is inevitable.

“We’ve seen it all before,” said 36-year-old Anne McMeekin.

“Hugh Grant will bumble about awkwardly, fall in love with Sienna Miller, continue bumbling about awkwardly, roll credits.”

The cost of purchasing a copy of the report, which has been set at £250, has also been highlighted as a factor in people deciding to hold out for a few months.

“I’ll probably just wait until after Christmas when it comes down in price,” said Chancellor George Osborne.