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Cyril Smith unable to defend himself from allegations he abused boys unable to defend themselves, claim family

Sir Cyril Smith’s family have revealed that they are ‘deeply saddened’ that he is unable to defend himself from allegations he abused boys who were unable to defend themselves.

Despite Greater Manchester Police acknowledging Smith was a sexual abuser of boys, and the Crown Prosecution Service admitting he should have been charged with sex crimes more than 40 years ago, Sir Cyril’s family insist everyone should just let it go.

In a statement, Sir Cyril’s family said “It was a very long time ago. Can’t we just let bygones be bygones?”

“It would be much nicer for us if everyone remembered him as a larger-than-life MP rather than a larger-than-life sweaty nonce.”

“To rake all this up at a time when, much like the victims of child sex abuse, he can’t defend himself is unfair.”

Cyril Smith accusations

The statement went on to highlight how the allegations against Sir Cyril will tarnish the memories that people had of him when he was alive.

“People shouldn’t let these allegations taint what he achieved. He was an MP for twenty years.”

“He held various positions within the Rochdale Unitarian Church, including Sunday School Superintendent.”

“He also appeared on several TV shows, such as Jimmy Savile’s early-1970s TV show Clunk Click.”

“This isn’t really helping, is it?”

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