89.5% of people wouldn’t mind a bit less work, actually

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As 10.5% of the workforce said they’d like to do a bit more work if possible, the other 89.5% said they’re absolutely welcome to it.

Despite 3 million people saying they’d like to do a few more hours, the Office for National Statistics said that almost 27 million workers admitted they’d like to work a little less “if it could be arranged”.

ONS spokesperson Simon Williams explained, “What this study shows is that for every person trying to better themselves by taking on more work and responsibility, there are nine others who can’t be bothered.”

“At the very least they’re not interested in extra work, whilst some are actively looking for opportunities to do less.”

10% underemployed

Survey respondents have spoken of their excitement that their fully employed lifestyles are finally being addressed by the powers that be.

Work-shy fop Matt Jenkins told us, “I do 37.5 hours a week at the moment, but I think my life would be considerably better if I could reduce that down to about four.”

“Is that something you can help me with? I’m not fussed what job it is as long as they have fewer hours.”

“I’ll push the button that drives a tube, collect the bins, or even become an MP. I’m not proud.”