‘Two and a Half Men’ star confirms Christians have no sense of humour

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Angus Jones, the 19 year-old star of sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’, has proven once and for all that Christians find it impossible to laugh at themselves.

Jones is a member of the ‘Forerunner’ Christian Church in California. With crowds gathering weekly to worship at the institution, many believed it could achieve immortality, even after Charlie Sheen left.

Jones has been forced to take part in the farce for nine years, after his parents arranged for him to be christened at just 10.

The young star has recently started to take tales of miracles and saviours far more seriously, particularly since he began reading Charlie Sheen’s autobiography.

Two and a half nutjobs

Aware that he is a role model for many young Americans, Jones had to carefully consider the morals of speaking out, and admitting he was a Christian.

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But Jones knows he ultimately answers to his one master and creator, although not every episode is penned by Chuck Lorre.

Jones urged fans to stop ‘filling their heads with filth’, but by this point no-one had a clue whether he was reading a script or a scripture.

Critics of Jones claim his fundamentalist beliefs are outdated, and just don’t stand up to any kind of scrutiny; The Big Bang Theory is currently beating his show in the ratings.