Facebook privacy notice status updates ‘even less effective than homeopathy’

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Copying and pasting a lengthy status update asking Facebook not to invade your privacy has finally been classified as the least effective thing on the planet, 

The massive rise in people cutting and pasting a two-hundred word status update in the hope that Facebook will stop advertisers targeting them has been likened to people buying sugar pills thinking they make them better.

The Head of Efficacy at analyst firm Williams Matthews, Simon Donald, told us, “Short of giving people an IQ test, this status message is the next best thing for spotting a simpleton.”

“Just take a look at their Facebook profile for that status update, or a look in their medicine cabinet for homeopathy sugar pills.”

“Both are sure-fire signs that the person is ill-equipped in the cranial area.”

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It was long believed that nothing would ever be classified as less effective than homeopathy, but Donald insists the new trend for posting lengthy status updates asking Facebook for privacy leave homeopathy trailing.

He told us, “At least Homeopathy has the placebo effect, but unfortunately just thinking you’re becoming more private doesn’t actually make you any more private.

“If anything, the subsequent false sense of privacy makes you less private about what you do and say.”

“It’s like taking homeopathy as an AIDS treatment, if the sugar pill actually gave you AIDS.”