Paddy Power to pay out to all bets backing Israeli victory

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As tensions escalated between Israel and Palestine, bookmaker Paddy Power has said it will pay out to any punter who backed Israel in the conflict.

Though ceasefire talks are due to take place soon, the bookmaker insisted it was still going to pay out to anyone with money on a Jewish victory.

An executive for the firm explained, “Sure, the odds weren’t particularly generous on Israel, what with their military superiority and US backing, but you never know in this region.”

“We’re not making any judgements here, we’re just saying it’s not a very fair fight.”

“Yes, a final victory might be some way off, but we think it’s a forgone conclusion and so we’re paying out to anyone with a valid betting slip.”

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“It’s not the first time we’ve done this, and it won’t be the last, obviously.”

Paddy power payout

Executives at the bookmakers have not ruled out returning money placed on all losing Palestinian bets.

They explained, “They backed a long-shot, and we like that in a gambler, obviously.”

“So we might be willing to lose a bit of money on this one, if they’re willing to come and put some money on other ridiculous long-shots.”

“We’re offering 150-1 on the Liberal Democrats still being a thing after 2015.  Fancy a bit of that?”

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