Prominent paedophiles to sue over tweets linking them to Conservative Party

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Kiddie fiddlers across the UK are to sue Twitter users who ruined their reputation by linking them to the Tory party.

In possibly the biggest libel action of its kind, people who interfere with children hope to win massive payouts from Twitter users who claimed they were fully paid up members of the Conservative Party or were ‘a bit rightwing’.

Renowned nonce, Simon Williams, of Flat 2 Eagleton Terrace, Rock Ferry, Wirral (the one with the overgrown front garden) is seeking damages from the user @CoalitionFacts who tweeted, “Simon Williams seen in blue tie attending Tory conference in Birmingham”.

“Having sex with children is one thing, but to suggest I support right-wing policies such as ‘lebensraum’ and the removal of state benefits from disabled people is defamatory,” Williams told us.

Social networking sites were quickly awash with his name, though it later emerged he had been falsely accused of being up to his balls in laissez-faire capitalism.

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Twitter accusations

Others who tweeted the paedophile’s name include Sally Bercow, wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow.

She tweeted to her 59,000 followers on November 4: “Why is Simon Williams supporting the forced sterilisation of poor people? *innocent face*.”

“Ever since these malicious tweets I have had my flat surrounded by a vigilante mob claiming, amongst other things, that I agree with the decision to cut the top rate of income tax,” Williams added.

Around 40 potential defendants have so far approached the Williams’ lawyers to apologise.

His legal team plans to make each of them pay a nominal sum of £5 to his ‘puppy appeal’.