Cameron congratulates Children in Need on raising £75m less than cost of police commissioner elections

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Prime Minister David Cameron has congratulated Children in Need after it raised an impressive £75m less than the cost of the recent police commissioner elections.

Mr Cameron praised the BBC charity for its fundraising efforts after the amount raised reached a staggering 25% of the cost of something no-one cared about.

“This is an extraordinary effort,” he said, “I would like to congratulate everyone involved for raising such an enormous amount of money.”

“I haven’t seen such an impressive figure since my last meeting with my accountant.”

Viewing figures for the live telethon averaged 9.4 million, which is an estimated 9.39 million more than took part in the previous day’s police commissioner elections.

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Children in Need

The charity, which was set up in 1980 to help disabled children and young people in the UK, hit the staggering sum of £26.7m on Friday night, which is still considerably less than something that has been widely criticised as the most pointless exercise since Eric Pickles put on a pair of trainers to phone Pizza Hut.

Mr Cameron went on to praise the generosity of the British public, enthusiastically telling reporters, “The time and effort that people put into raising money for others is truly astounding,”

“It’s mind-boggling how the British people will go without, just so that others can prosper.”

“You only have to look at British Gas’s profits for proof of that.”