Dave Lee Travis arrested over alleged criminal record collection

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Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis has been arrested as part of public-backed police probe into DJs with shit taste in music, it has emerged.

The 67-year-old, who was hiding behind a beard, was arrested at his home in Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, on suspicion of offences against musical taste and decency.

The investigation was set up after police were contacted by members of the public who had listened to DLTs Radio 1 show during the 1980s and felt as though they had been touched inappropriately in the ears.

Forensic teams were seen leaving Mr Travis’ property at 4am with boxes containing records, CDs and a number of compilation cassette tapes marked ‘Classic Eighties Power Ballads’.

Police also wish to speak to a number of other self-styled “madcap” DJs as part of an ongoing enquiry.

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The alleged offences fall under three categories: those who had no idea the music they were playing was shit, those who knew it was shit but carried on playing it and a sinister third category known as “other”.

It is believed Mr Travis’ offences fall under this third category.

DLT arrested

The DJ, known as the Hairy Cornflake, resigned on-air in 1993 after John Peel was allowed to play a record by The Fall before the watershed.

Last night DS Malcolm Smithy of Buckinghamshire Police announced they were expanding their enquiry, telling reporters, “Kid Jensen, Tony Blackburn, Simon Bates, we’re coming for you.”

Sally Baxter, who was a trainee DJ during Travis’ long reign, claims she still suffers from the trauma he inflicted.

“I’m not pressing charges about the whole ‘hand up the skirt’ business, that was part of a normal working day.”

“It was the fact that he made me listen to Kajagoogoo while he was doing it.”