BBC to launch Children in Need of Being Left Alone for Five Minutes

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The BBC is to launch a new campaign in which all of their employees are urged to leave children well alone for five bloody minutes.

The biennial television spectacular has had a rebranding as a result of recent controversy surround the broadcaster and some of its former employees.

A BBC spokesperson explained, “This is still an important night for the less fortunate children in this country, but instead of cash, perhaps the best thing we can all do is pledge to leave them alone for a bit?”

“If you asked a child whether they’d prefer  – some new toys, or a night’s sleep uninterrupted by the terrifying image of a wackily dressed television presenter asking them what they think of their new toys – which do you think they’d choose?”

Children in Need

Children have spoken of their relief at the new campaign, claiming it might be nice to have a bit of time on their own.

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11 year-old Candice Williams explained, “I’ve always found it a bit weird having famous people take such an interest in me and my friends.”

“Especially when they’re being followed by cameras, lighting crews and at least one make-up person.”

“It’s almost as if they’re more interested in how it all looks, than what they’re actually doing.”

“Still, as long as I get to keep my underpants on this time I’m happy.”