Tuesday 13 November 2012 by Formelia Alberthine

Microsoft unveil Xbox release date for ‘Nadine Dorries: Dereliction of Duty’

Microsoft have announced details of the latest gaming release for their Xbox 360 platform, with ‘Nadine Dorries: Dereliction of Duty’ set to hit shelves within the next fortnight.

Gaming enthusiasts have expressed excitement at the news of Dorries lead role, citing the opportunity to behave as abysmally as a sitting MP in a virtual world as being too good to pass up.

Gamers will be presented with countless moral dilemma’s ranging from the right of a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy after 20-weeks, to whether they should actually make themselves available to the constituency that voted them into power or go on a paid holiday to a ‘jungle’ instead.

Dorries game released

Xbox fan, Dan Faw, said he hoped a weeks worth of 12-hour sessions would be sufficient to adequately qualify him for a portion of the Conservative MP’s salary.

“She hasn’t done much this week, has she?”

“And she is not liable to for the forseeable future, so once I bring the abortion limit down to 4-weeks online, I’ll have pretty much covered off most of her tasks.”

“If I was to blow up the location of a gay wedding, then that would be overtime, no?”

Microsoft believes the game, which is completed with a Dorries defection to UKIP, could be the start of a whole new range of online offerings.

“Next up is ‘George Osborne: The Rise of Duty”

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