Tuesday 13 November 2012

Football fans unsure how to feel about racist on racist violence

Football fans around the country have been left conflicted over how to feel after Liverpool racist Luis Suarez injured Chelsea racist John Terry.

Suarez tumbled into Terry during Sunday’s drawn match between Liverpool and Chelsea, leading to the Chelsea captain leaving the field on a stretcher and creating a thoroughly confusing emotional state for people who don’t like racists.

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “On the one hand I’m disgusted that a racist like Suarez has escalated to on-pitch violence – violence made to look convincingly like an accident.”

“But on the other hand I’m delighted that a racist sort of got what’s coming to him, even if a potential broken leg feels a little harsh.”

“To be honest, the two emotions balance each other out quite nicely, actually.”

Terry injured by Suarez

Football authorities have been quick to downplay the incident, and insist it is not the start of ‘dislike black’ on ‘dislike black’ violence in our national sport.

An FA spokesperson explained, “We’ll be looking closely at the incident, and if we feel it was in any way influenced by the last year’s racist accusations – then like you, we will sit down and try to figure out how we feel about it all.”

“To be honest, we’re a little relieved. If someone had told us we’d be looking at pictures of John Terry being held aloft by a team of white men in uniform in front of a cheering crowd, we’d have assumed he’d be wearing some sort of ceremonial hood.”

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